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I’m an aviation history buff, first and foremost, and have been my entire life. What I’d like to do with this website is share with other enthusiasts some of the many fascinating things I’ve discovered in the world of aviation.

I’m especially interested in World War I aviation and was honored to serve for four years as Managing Editor of the outstanding World War I aviation journal Over the Front. I’m equally honored to be an eight-time winner of the League of World War I Aviation Historians’ Hooper Award for writing and editorial excellence.

WW1_logo_v1My most recent book, entitled The Lafayette Escadrille: A Photo History of the First American Fighter Squadron was released by Casemate Publishers in 2016. It is a unique photo history of the famed all-American flying squadron, which flew for France in World War I. I spent more than a  year scouring through university and museum archives all over the United States and France, copying vintage black and white photos still in existence portraying the men and aircraft of the Lafayette Escadrille. I also made an exciting two-week trek across France, during which I photographed dozens of sites relative to the Lafayette Escadrille, as they appear today. My book also includes beautiful aviation artwork and full-color photos from several museums of actual artifacts on display that relate to the men of the Lafayette Escadrille. This book was released just in time for the centennial of the unit’s operational status (1916-1918), and this book recently received official endorsement from the highly prestigious United States World War I Centennial Commission

However, my interests are not limited to World War I. My aviation articles have appeared in many publications, including Aviation History, Air Power History, Aviation 100, Over the Front and Walter Boyne’s comprehensive Air Warfare: An International Encyclopedia. In addition, I have written articles and textbook chapters for both NASA and FAA official publications.

In 2005, I published my first book, Aviation’s Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Winged Wonders, Lucky Landings, and Other Aerial Oddities. It was later translated into French and distributed internationally under the title Top Fun. This unique book has more than fifty top-ten lists dealing with nearly all aspects of aviation, and within each list is a lot of fascinating information. It is really some of the very best of aviation history.

My second book, Flights of No Return: Aviation History’s Most Infamous One-Way Tickets to Immortality, was released by Zenith Press in 2015. For this book, I took a slightly different slant on aviation history by focusing on some of the most infamous failed flights that ever occurred. The result is a diverse variety of true aviation stories.

I’ve been a licensed pilot for more than four decades, owned and flown both vintage and experimental aircraft, and am a longtime member of the Experimental Aircraft Association.

I served for almost three decades in the US military and retired in 2003 as a colonel in the US Air Force. Originally from Southeast Missouri, I’ve lived all over the US and Europe. I currently reside in Irving, Texas.

If you’d like to contact me for any reason – to correct something you see on this site or in one of my books, to make a comment, to contribute new information, or just to chat – please do. It’s easy: just click on the Contact link and send me a message. I’ll get back to you. And be sure to check back here periodically. I’ll be posting more  photographs and articles. 

If you like aviation, be sure to bookmark this site – and please – visit often!

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